About Us

We provide creative solutions to enterprise clients to find, understand and manage their digital data estates,
creating value from within your dark and light data.

Our History

Having worked in content and data management for a number of years, Jeremy Pitt founded Gavilan in order to help large enterprise companies who have struggled with the management of unstructured data.
Initially focused on highly regulated industries, it has become clear that the challenges faced, are indeed faced across most industries. With no satisfactory solutions in the market to find and identify unstructured data based on value to the business, Gavilan formed a partnership with Exonar and can now provide the Exonar platform to our clients.

Our Vision

Gavilan’s vision is to bring companies to a position of readiness in their task of managing their corporate data. We aim to empower our clients to find, understand and action all forms of their data, to identify and action all dark data, and to separate their business value data from their ROT.

What is the REAL cost of storing unnecessary and needless unstructured ROT data? See here for the facts and figures! 

Data Insights - Perfected

Facts About Your Data

Are you in control of ALL of your data? Consider these facts concerning the average enterprise company.

43 %
Annual Unstructured Data Growth
57 %
Dark Data
27 %
Redundant Obsolete Trivial Data
16 %
Business Value Data

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