How does your company manage support services at the end point?

Understanding why desktops and laptops are not functioning even BEFORE they stop functioning empowers your support staff to manage downtime effectively

Pinpoint the Issue at Source

With OctoInsight, as soon as a user plugs in his laptop, or other device, he can be made aware of any issues that are going to impact the device.
The user can then remedy the issue themselves using the prompt screens, to create space, release memory, or shut applications – without the need to contact technical support


“That’s actual user data, from OUR desktops, across OUR system?”

Yes. For the first time, you have a tool,UXp from OctoInsight, that accurately measuresevery delay on every Windows® Desktop and browser-based web apps experienced by every user. This fast, new, super lightweight approach overcomes the technical challenges and privacy concerns that, until now, deprived organizations of the actionable UX performance data essential for efficient operation, data-validated decision making and employee satisfaction.UXp’s default configuration is GDPR compatible, anonymizing user names and window titles for privacy except when internal protocol requires full transparency.

How it works

A key advantage is that this is actual rather than machine data. By capturing every user’s experience directly from the user interface,UXp shows you all bottlenecks across your system even as they are developing, where they are occurring, what apps are involved, how many users are affected and which ones – plus the cost of time lost.

Major Benefits

“Digital transformation” becomes powerfully vivid when you deploy UXp as your before-and-after cloud migration and performance validation tool. Whether you favor AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, IBM Cloud, VMware or other services, doesn’t matter.UXp’s objective metrics from across your entire system provide you the verified basis essential for making prudent ROI assessments and ERP decisions. UXp enables you to quickly make adjustments that boost productivity and compliance. And as troublesome delays get shrunk, it’sterrific for workforce morale!

Suitable for all Enterprises


UXp‘s ultra-small, non-intrusive software agent is deployed in minutes across your entire network.


Collects data from logon to logoff and everything in between.


Valuable, insightful, real-time intelligence on actual end-user experience.


Well, everything! Everything that affects your use of your windows desktop systems and web based apps.