Gavilan partner with Exonar to provide clients with the Exonar Data Insight Platform


What is it? and What does it do? 

About Exonar

Exonar Platform is a high performance, high scale automation engine that can Find, Identify and Act on your unstructured data mountain. Surfacing dark data, and applying a business value to it. 

Exonar enables you to separate the ROT (redundant , obsolete and trivial) data from the valuable data, and remediate it effectively. 

Without knowing exactly what data lies in a company, how do you extract actionable insight from it? And if you can’t put your hands on that data, how do you possess the confidence to say that you comply with data regulations?

Every company has forgotten, but sensitive and potentially toxic data lurking in the shadows; information that’s been exported to a spreadsheet, edited, emailed, and then left in a folder somewhere. But within the bad data lies valuable knowledge and insight too.

Just imagine what’s lying buried in your file share…? See how Exonar finds your Dark Data HERE


Working with some of the most demanding companies in defence, banking and pharmaceuticals, we tap into this value by revealing everything within their data estate, at scale, and in clever ways that our competitors can’t, or don’t, do.

We then enable companies to categorise, move or delete their data at scale, to effectively ‘spring clean’ it and assure regulatory compliance. In addition, we can create a single view of connected data, which further distils knowledge, and transforms data from a risk to an asset.

Click HERE to understand how Exonar finds your dark data – at speed and at scale

Exonar – The Key Elements 


The quest for ‘information intelligence’

Value in information rests in what can be done with it. The issue is knowing what information you’ve got, where it’s stored and how it could be used. Our products allow your organisation to discover, understand and protect all of its information and data

How does exonar>REVEAL work?

Dive into your data from a browser, to run simple, advanced or ‘templated’ searches in seconds.  View results delivered in visual dashboards, helping you discover your most sensitive or valuable data.

Data management in action

You can move data to the right storage, dependent on its type. Send sensitive data to encrypted and access-restricted storage. Stale, out of date or rarely-accessed data goes to cheaper and deeper storage, so it is accessible by privileged users only. Choose locations with the correct disaster recovery policies for your important data. And use the export feature to send Subject Access Request or eDiscovery case data to the right people or systems.

How does exonar>RELATE work?

We work with you to identify the data sets you want to combine, then connect those in a single graph-based data set. Related information can either be viewed from a browser, or in future we’ll allow your other systems to query this data set directly.

Click HERE to understand how Exonar finds your dark data – at speed and at scale